The Four Commandments Of Keeping Your Feet Dry When MX Trail Riding

Posted on: 23 April 2015

Are you tired of getting wet feet when you're blazing the trails on your motor bike? Have you tried all sorts of tips and tricks, but still come home from every off-road adventure with cold, stinky, soaking wet toes? If so, it's time to learn and abide by the four commandments of keeping your feet dry when motocross trail riding.

1.  Thou Shall Not Wrap Thy Feet In Plastic

If you frequent motocross forum boards, you've likely encountered the silly stay-dry tip about wrapping your feet in plastic. It seems that there are some confused sporters out there that believe any old bread bag, grocery bag, or kitchen plastic wrap can protect their feet from even the harshest weather.

In reality, though, those who claim success with this tip probably just aren't out on the trails long enough to work up a sweat. There are 250,000 sweat glands on each of your feet, and wrapping your feet in plastic will ensure that every bit of moisture those sweat glands produce stays as close to your skin as possible.

And, as this moisture pools between your foot and the plastic, it does more than make you extremely uncomfortable -- it makes your step slippery and creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Don't wrap your feet in any kind of plastic. Instead, get yourself a nice pair of socks specifically designed to wick moisture away from your feet.

2.  Thou Shall Covet Well-Fitting Boots With Gaiters

If you want your feet to stay dry when you're on the trails, you absolutely must have a good pair of boots. You want boots that are waterproof, and fit snugly so they trap out any snow, mud, or water looking to make its way into the vulnerable spots between the tops of your boots and your skin.

Gaerne boots are one of many excellent options. For decades, this company has remained steadfast in the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into their boots. They offer everything from lightweight, flexible motocross boots for beginners, to boots for the professional cyclist that have replaceable buckle systems, ankle alignment systems, and memory foam liners that promise a perfect cushion fit. 

Whatever your experience level and whichever motocross boot you choose, make sure they come with gaiters. These protective sleeves wrap around your boot and fasten with a zipper or Velcro. The top and bottom of each gaiter is fitted with elastic or drawstring, so you can cinch the gaiter tight against your outer clothing and create a extra level of breathable, waterproof protection.

3.  Thou Shall Not Pressure Wash Thy Boots

When you come home from trial riding and your motocross boots are caked with dirt and mud, it's easy to want to get them cleaned up quickly by blasting them with a pressure washer.

Unfortunately, while the high-powered stream of water will remove the grime from your boots, it will also lift the grain of any leather on those boots. Once the leather is compromised, moisture can seep deep into the material, drastically reducing the lifespan of your foot gear. 

Do not ruin your motocross boots by blasting them with water. Instead, use a clean pail of water and a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away the dirt.

4.  Thou Shall Honor Thy Boots' Owner's Manual  

There are all kinds of boot sealants on the market that promise moisture protection. There are waxes, oils, spray-on sealants, sealants that need to be heated up, sealants that require the boots to be heated... the list goes on and on. How do you know which to choose?

There's no guesswork involved here; the manufacturer of your boots knows which type of sealant will best work with the combination of materials in the boots, and they disclose this information freely in your boots' owner's manual.

Your boot manufacturer's sealant recommendation is more than just advice; it's directions for how to make your boots last the longest and perform to their optimal ability.

Don't grease your boots up with animal lard and then stick them on a wood stove to dry because you heard it's the most effective way to treat them. Instead, stick with reputable advice from the people who know your boots the best -- the manufacturer.

It doesn't take an act of divine intervention to keep your feet dry when you're motocross trail riding. It does, however, take obtaining the right gear and learning the proper way to maintain that gear. Follow the above four commandments to stay warm, dry, and comfortable on your next MX adventure.