Top 3 Benefits Of Installing A Boat Tracker

Posted on: 14 June 2017

Owning a boat can provide hours of entertainment out on the water, but it can also be a big financial investment. If you own a watercraft, you may want to consider having a boat tracker installed. A boat tracker works much in the same way that a GPS system on a car works and allows the location of your boat to be tracked from anywhere. There are several reasons to have a boat tracker installed, such as:

Be Prepared for an Emergency

No one plans to encounter an emergency when spending a day out on their boat, but it is best to be prepared. Whether you get lost, suffer mechanical problems, or have a medical emergency, having a boat tracker on your watercraft can help ensure your safety. When you have a boat tracker, the authorities that you contact for help will be able to use the signal transmitted from the boat tracker to determine exactly where you are so they can get to you as quickly as possible.

Protect Boats from Thieves

While some people may store their boats at home on a trailer, most larger boats are kept at a marina or harbor when they are not in use. This means that many boat owners can go days or weeks without physically seeing their boat. But when a boat tracker is installed, a boat owner can easily check on their boat's location to ensure that it is exactly where it is supposed to be.

In the event that a boat is stolen, a boat tracker is also very beneficial. In most cases, a stolen boat that has a boat tracker installed is quickly found after it is stolen because authorities can pinpoint exactly where it is based on the boat tracker signal.

Lower Insurance Rates

Just like automobiles, boats need to be insured. Boat insurance protects you financially, but depending on the type of boat you have and its value, insurance can be quite costly. No one likes paying more than they have to to insure their boat, but many people do not realize that installing a boat tracker may qualify you for lower insurance rates. 

Boat trackers provide safety features while also lowering the chance of a boat being stolen, which makes the boat a lower risk to insure. After you have a boat tracker installed, make sure you call the insurance company that insures your boat to see what kind of discount you qualify for. Contact a company like TM Fleet to learn more.