Canopy, Or No Canopy? Boat Extras That Cost Extra But Might Be Worth It

Posted on: 12 September 2019

When you look at a motor boat like the Sea Fox Bowrider, you might be wondering just how much extra boat you need. There are so many additional features you can purchase with each bigger model, but those added features add up to a price tag you may question. Is it worth it to get these extra features on a new boat? After you check out the following, you can decide for yourself. 

Boat Canopies

Hard top or canvas, these boat canopies stretch over and above the center consoles of speed boats. They are there to act as shade for the captains/drivers, but they can also make it easier to see while out on the water. They deflect some of the reflections of the light off of the waves, which definitely helps on a very bright, very sunny day. You will still have to wear ample sunscreen, however, as the canopies do not damper the UV rays bouncing off the water. 

Front Sundecks 

Rather than places to sit and enjoy the wind in your hair, there are decks over the tops of the prows of these boats. The decks are very solid and can support the weight of a handful of average-sized adults. You can use the sundecks to sunbathe or to stand on the prow to fish off of the port or starboard sides. 

Seating and Snack Storage

Maybe you would rather have a party boat than a fishing boat. Speed boats can be either, depending on the size and features of the boat. In this case, the entire forward section of the boat consists of seating for up to six people, and several of the seats lift up to reveal storage for snacks. Pay a little extra for your boat, and there are electric coolers for cold drinks, too.

Buy the largest of boats in this line, and you can get a party boat with seating and snack storage in both the forward and aft sections of the boat, with the center console for driving and control of the boat. You could easily take almost a dozen people out onto the water for an entire day of sun and fun in one of the largest speed boats money can buy when you purchase one that has seating and snack storage in the front and back of the boat. If you do not store snacks or cold drinks, the storage becomes useful for fishing or diving equipment!