4 Indicators That Your Motorbike Needs Servicing

Posted on: 7 February 2022

Motorbikes are a reliable mode of transportation because of their few movable parts and ease of operation. A motorbike has relatively simple engineering, meaning that you do not have to do a lot of maintenance work on it. However, this does not mean that you can operate a motorcycle for years without repairs. It is advisable to service your bike periodically or whenever it presents signs of damage. Here are the top four indicators that it is time for service.

When the Brakes Lose Their Efficiency

One of the challenges that you have to live with when riding a motorbike is the level of exposure to potential dangers on the road. Most people wear protective clothing and helmets, but the risk of getting injured in an accident is still high. The first line of defense that you have against such incidences and accidents is your bike's brakes. Brake failure is never sudden. It always starts with a slower response when you want to stop. With time, this progresses to an increase in the stopping distance. If you do not service your bike when you notice this problem, anything can happen to you on the road due to brake failure.

When You Have a Hard Time Shifting Gears

The gearing system is arguably the most intricate part of the overall mechanics of a motorbike. The gear system helps you control the transition chain between the gears. It is best to get a motorbike repair expert to service it as it is prone to developing complications and failing. If you can hear loud clunks and involuntary shifts when you apply pressure to the pedals, it is time to get the bike to the repair shop. Never wait until you experience an incident to change your system. 

The Bike Makes Unnatural Sounds

Every bike owner knows all the sounds their bike makes when performing optimally. Squeaking clunks and other odd sounds indicate that your bike needs some attention. You will notice the difference in how you feel when driving after the repairs.

Your Bike is Rusted

Rust is another indicator that your bike needs urgent attention. Rusting could damage the moving parts and worsen friction. It is common when you habitually leave the bike out in the rain or when you live around the coast. Fortunately, servicing minimizes the damage and the impact of rust.

Take your bike to a professional, such as Ducati Tampa Bay, for servicing when you notice these signs of trouble. A well-serviced motorcycle will give you fewer challenges on the road and improve the riding experience.