Benefits Of A Six-Wheeled Side By Side

Posted on: 4 April 2022

Most of the side by sides that you see at your local dealership will have four wheels, but you'll occasionally see other models that have six. Even though six-wheeled side by sides aren't quite as common, they can still be worth considering when you're shopping for a utility vehicle. Ask a salesperson to show you each of the relevant models that are available for sale and talk to you about the features of each. You may find that a six-wheeled model is the right choice for you. Here are three benefits of buying a side by side with this wheel configuration.

More Traction

You can expect that a six-wheeled side by side will provide you with more traction than its four-wheeled counterpart. Even though a four-wheeled model can provide good traction in mud, snow, and other challenging terrain, you might feel as though you could benefit from having a higher level of traction. Having two extra tires that are designed for off-road usage will dig into the terrain beneath your vehicle and propel you forward. If you expect to use this vehicle in remote areas where you don't want to risk getting stuck and needing to call for help, you'll have more confidence with six wheels beneath you.

More Capacity

The hauling capacity of a side by side depends on several different variables, including the number of wheels. The capacity is readily available when you browse different models at the dealership. Hauling capacity isn't necessarily important if you primarily plan to use your new vehicle for trail riding, but it's critical if you want to work with your side by side. Depending on what projects you wish to tackle, you may want to fill the cargo bed with large stones, gravel, soil, and other heavy materials. Having two extra wheels under your side by side will increase the vehicle's hauling capacity.

Fewer Concerns About A Flat

Side by side tires are designed to be durable, which means that suffering a flat tire is unlikely. However, if you plan to routinely ride in challenging environments that are fraught with sharp rocks, you might still worry about getting a flat tire. When you have two extra wheels, a flat tire won't be as big of a concern. For example, while a flat rear tire on a four-wheel side by side might strand you, you'd likely be able to continue driving with a flat on a six-wheel model. Check out your local side x side dealership for their selection of six-wheel side by sides.